Navigating the Cybersecurity Landscape in State and Local Government

October is Cybersecurity Month, and there's no better time to shine light on the critical role of cybersecurity and risk management in state and local governments. According to the latest NASCIO report, cybersecurity has been the top priority for state CIOs for the last 10 years. State and local governments face various cybersecurity challenges, from hacking attempts to disruptions in continuity impacting citizen services and engagement.

To effectively address these challenges, state and local governments must adopt a comprehensive cybersecurity and risk management strategy. At the heart of this strategy is a resilient network that enhances threat-detection capabilities by improving visibility into the network enabling your team to mitigate risks more proactively. Outside of your network, it is also critical to conduct regular tests and assessments, evaluate organizational culture and asset management, and prioritize staff awareness and training to stay ahead of threats.

We are all just a click away but I do sleep well at night knowing that in my mind, we have done everything we possibly can to prevent a cybersecurity incident.
Shane McDaniel
CIO, City of Seguin