Navigating Short Staffing Challenges in Government- How Smart IT Investments Drive Organizational Success


Governments worldwide are grappling with workforce issues that hinder their operational efficiency and productivity. With constraints on staffing, budget, a shortage of qualified candidates, and rising employee expectations, tackling these workforce challenges is now a top priority for government authorities. In 2022, NASCIO cited workforce challenges as a top concern for state CIOS and their 2023 report reflects the same, showing that this isn't an issue that is going away quickly.

“Workforce is the single largest challenge any leader faces and getting the workforce component right is the make/break success of the CIO.” – 2022 NASCIO Survey Respondent

What Is the Workforce Challenge for Government IT Teams?

A recent New York Times article dove into how the State of Minnesota, like many others, currently faces staffing shortages and other workforce challenges. Government IT teams are now trying to deal with preparing their workforces for the future, difficulty finding the right skills and expertise in candidates and retaining employees amid growing workplace expectations. 

How Are IT Teams Addressing Workforce Challenges?

CIOs understand the problem at hand; the question is how to address it. What are some of the tactics and strategies different teams are currently trying or are planning to implement soon?

Reskilling Employees

Technology is constantly evolving. For your current employees to continue to see success in their roles, they need to be trained and updated on the latest innovations frequently so they can keep up. 

Modernizing Job Titles

According to NASCIO, many CIOs are updating job titles and descriptions to reflect those of the private sector more closely. This means using more modern terminology, updating with the latest required technology knowledge, and using buzzwords to attract more applicants.

Increasing Hybrid Work Options

It is no secret that employees today want hybrid work opportunities. People appreciate having the option to work from home as it has become apparent during the pandemic that it is something our workforces are more than capable of doing. To increase the number of applicants and retain existing employees, CIOs are offering more opportunities for hybrid work.

Flexible Scheduling

Another trend from the pandemic that employees want to stay is flexible scheduling. Many people have found that they shouldn’t have to work the standard 9-5. As long as they are getting their work done, why should it matter when they do it? This is why, when possible, many CIOs are also looking to offer more flexibility to their staff.

Reducing Hiring Times

Many hiring teams for government IT teams are also planning to find ways to streamline their hiring process to save them time. This is a win for the IT team as they can fill the role much quicker and begin onboarding. It is a win for the candidate as they can step into their role and start sooner.

Equipping Your Team with the Right Tools to Combat Workforce Challenges

Fabric Network Transforms the City of Milwaukee

Extreme Fabric played a vital role in tackling workforce challenges and improving efficiency for the City of Milwaukee. It united networks, boosted resilience, and simplified management, enhancing crucial services like emergency response and video surveillance. This adaptability during emergencies bolstered government resilience and overall operational efficiency.

“Thanks to the simplicity of Extreme’s Fabric Connect technology, we have not needed to add network IT resources as the city’s network continuously grows in size, scale, and complexity.” –David Henke, CIO, City of Milwaukee

Your CoPilot Has Arrived

With the workforce challenges and hiring constraints currently affecting state and local governments, ExtremeCloud IQ CoPilot emerges as a valuable asset. As Mickey Alderson, a Network Architect for the City of Memphis, stated "A lot of the things that CoPilot can do and things that are coming with CoPilot will help us troubleshoot and manage our network more efficiently." 

This is particularly significant for municipal governments facing limited staffing resources. The ability to have CoPilot provide oversight, identify issues and notify your team of potential problems allows for smoother operations without the need for extensive additional staffing.


Another public sector IT team noted that the insights provided by CoPilot into wired networks saved them significant time in issue identification and fault finding, potentially saving hundreds of hours. In an industry where workforce challenges are a constant concern, ExtremeCloud IQ CoPilot offers a practical solution to enhance network management and operational efficiency.


Finding the Right Partner

When it comes to choosing a technology partner, it's not just about a transaction – it's about forming a dynamic partnership that gets the job done. As Ken Olsen, Network Manager for Loudoun County shared, Extreme Networks goes beyond a mere sale; they become an integral part of your IT team, working together to craft a seamless network, ensuring your team's proficiency with the technology, and offering unwavering support and guidance throughout the entire process.


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