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SLX 9740

Next-Generation Fixed Form Router for Core Aggregation at Service Providers and Large Enterprise Data Centers

Next-Generation Fixed Form Router SLX 9740 | Extreme Networks Routing

Internet-Scale Routing Platform

The SLX 9740 are high density, fixed form factor router with either 80 x 100 GbE and 40 x 100 GbE ports to deliver the scale and performance needed to address the explosive growth in network bandwidth, devices and services. This platform provides carrier-class advanced features that leverage proven Extreme Networks routing, MPLS, Carrier Ethernet, and VXLAN overlay technology, deployed in the most demanding service providers, internet exchange points (IXPs) and large enterprise data centers.

Border Router with Ultra-Deep Buffers

The border router is the interconnection point between internal networks and the internet. With more traffic moving across these routers, there is added demand for capacity, the ability to absorb speed mismatches and handle microbursts without compromising performance. The SLX 9740 has up to 16GB of deep packet buffers.


Large Enterprise and co-location data center consolidate on multiple layers with the SLX 9740 and can sit as an edge router above the data center network. MPLS or layer 3 protocols link the data center gear to another data center or the outside world. Multi-Chassis Trunking (MCT) provides dynamic flow-based load balancing to multiple networks nodes.

More Features
  • Embedded Network Visibility to achieve pervasive visibility to quickly identify network problems
  • Internet Exchange Points with new record high demand for 100 GbE connectivity
  • High availability and reliability with carrier-class forwarding including full Internet scale IPv4/IPv6 routing, MPLS.
  • Real-time monitoring with Integrated Application Hosting optimized for use with off-device Big Data analytics and monitoring platforms

SLX 9740 Technical Specifications