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Switches and Routers

SLX 9740

Next-Generation Fixed Form Router for Core Aggregation at Service Providers and Large Enterprise Data Centers

Product Highlights

  • BGP EVPN-VXLAN for Data Center Spine and Data Center Interconnect (DCI) networking
  • Integrated Application Hosting to accommodate Extreme-provided or third-party, customer-specific applications
  • Carrier-class MPLS, VXLAN, and Dual Stack IPv4/IPv6 functionality

Key Hardware Features

  • Ultra-deep buffers of up to 16Gb for optimal handling of any network traffic and bursty traffic patterns
  • 80 x 100GbE or 40 x 100GbE ports for ultra-high end data centers and cross connections for internet exchange points (IXP)
  • Collapsed Campus Core with deep buffer and aggregation with fixed form factor switches equipped with 10/25/40/100GbE connections

The SLX 9740 Series platforms are next-generation fixed-form routers designed for core aggregation at service providers and large enterprise data centers. They are the industry’s most powerful compact deep buffer dual stack IPv4/IPv6 internet border router, providing a cost-efficient solution that is purpose-built for the most demanding service provider and enterprise data centers and MAN/WAN applications. They operate as demarcation between enterprise networks and service provider networks (internet) where the ISP connections terminate. Basic requirements include support for full internet routing table, mainstream routing protocols BGP, OSPF and IS-IS, EVPN VxLAN, ACLs, BGP internet peering scale, MPLS, deep buffer, device management, and entry level DDoS protection.

The SLX 9740 features Integrated Application Hosting which support an open kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) environment which accommodates Extreme or third-party applications with complete isolation from the networking operating system. Options include the SLX 9740 (1U) with 40 x 100GbE ports and the SLX 9740 (2U) with 80 x 100 GbE ports to deliver cost-effective solutions to meet the business needs of enterprise and service provider customers.


SLX 9740 models are able to sit as an edge router above the data center network, consolidating on multiple layers with enterprise and co-location data centers. With the use of MPLS or Layer 3 protocols, the SLX 9740 links the data center gear to either another data center or the outside world. Multi-chassis trunking (MCT) provides dynamic flow-based load balancing to multiple network nodes, enabling resilient and high-performance networks.

The SLX 9740 feature a robust system architecture and versatile features set which includes IPv4, IPv6, and MPLS/VPLS combined with Carrier Ethernet 2.0 and OAM capabilities that enable flexible deployment. It supports true internet scale border routing solutions with support for a maximum of 3.5M IPv4/IPv6 unicast routes.

SLX 9740 Series models support Extreme’s Integrated Application Hosting, which allows you to onboard applications without impacting switch performance. The 9740 can run VM-based applications alongside the switch OS, a flexible and open solution that enables the support of Extreme or third-party applications and tools directly on the router.

The SLX 9740 is a flexible platform that delivers the scale and performance needed to address current and future network bandwidth, devices, and services growth. Powered by Extreme SLX-OS, the SLX 9740 provides carrier-class advanced features that leverage proven Extreme routing, MPLS, Carrier Ethernet, and VXLAN overlay technology deployed in demanding service provider, data center, and enterprise networks.

The SLX 9740 is a deep buffering platform purpose-built for demanding service provider and enterprise networks. The SLX 9740-40C model features 8GB and the SLX 9740-80C features 16Gb of deep packet buffers.