Extreme and the NFL

Official Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Analytics Provider of the
National Football League

Enhancing the NFL Gameday Experience

Best-in-class Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi analytics advance the fan experience and optimize stadium operations

Enhance Fan Engagement

Wi-Fi 6E connectivity enables seamless social media sharing, instant updates, and personalized content, igniting emotions while creating an immersive NFL fan experience.

Increase Revenue

High-speed Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi analytics enable premium services, interactive advertising, targeted promotions, and data-driven marketing, boosting revenue generation and NFL fan engagement.

Streamline Stadium Operations

Strong network infrastructures improve ticketing, security, and staff collaboration while providing data-driven insights for better resource allocation and operational planning.

How CIOs Prepare for One of the Biggest Events of the Year: Super Bowl

This year, Las Vegas hosted Super Bowl LVIII so we sat down with some of the industry leaders from the NFL and Harry Reid International Airport to dive into how they prepared for the big event! Watch this on-demand webinar for an insider's look at the strategies and planning that drive the success of these major events. 

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Pro Football Hall of Fame

Extreme Networks is the Official Wi-Fi Provider and an Official Partner of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, fostering enhanced fan engagement and operational efficiency within the venue.

Our collaboration influences the next generation of fans through the Heart of a Hall of Famer Program. This program, connected by Extreme, offers students the opportunity to gain insight into the multifaceted journey to success of iconic Hall of Famers, both on and off the field.

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