ExtremeAI for Smart OmniEdge

Published 18 Jun 2018

Transform your user experience and enterprise network operations with Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning. We are living in a time where the amount of data traversing over networks is so astronomical that it is impossible for humans to process, analyze and act on it. That makes it essential that we utilize the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to harness the data and process it faster, smarter and more efficiently. 

ExtremeAI for Smart OmniEdge automatically monitors critical RF and network parameters, to optimize the network and make proactive.

ExtremeAI provides, above all things, an exceptional Wi-Fi user experience, no matter how large or multi-faceted the network is. With Machine Intelligence-based operational management of the network, the enterprise can deliver the following, without burden on the IT department:

  • Consistent network throughput, speed, and performance when and where it’s needed, 24×7
  • Fast user authentication and network access, no matter what device is connecting
  • Seamless application experiences for VoIP and video conferencing, among others
  • Rapid, accurate troubleshooting and fast network recovery in the case of failures The result is a superior experience for both end-users and for network IT personnel.

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