Insights, Visibility, and Control: A Deep Dive into Extreme Management Center

Published 12 Jun 2018

Imagine if your network worked as hard as you do – allowing your team to focus on innovation while still maintaining a safe network that delivers superior application experiences. Now imagine being able to control that hardworking network from a single glass! 

With Extreme Management Center, that’s entirely possible. Our network management suite provides organizations with:

  • A 360° view across users, devices, locations, apps, and networks
  • Full lifecycle management on one platform
  • Deep application insights with thousands of fingerprints

This webinar will not only provide a full overview of the benefits Extreme Management Center offers, but it will allow you to hear how this solution enables our customers to change the way they manage their networks. New and existing Extreme customers are currently eligible for discounts on Extreme Management Center, so be sure to watch to find out how much you can save!


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