Seattle Seahawks Discuss Wi-Fi Deployment at CenturyLink Field

Published 11 Oct 2018

Chip Suttles, Vice President of Technology for the Seattle Seahawks discusses what drove the decision to deploy high-density Wi-Fi at CenturyLink Field. He shares his experiences working with Extreme and how the Seahawks have been able to use the network to support and complement other in-stadium fan engagement technologies. To learn more about the Seahawks deployment, read CenturyLink Field Invests in High-Density Wi-Fi to Provide World Class Connectivity to Seahawks Fans.

“It’s been fantastic working with Extreme! I had a need at Century Link Field in support of the Seahawks organization and our spectators on game day and Extreme was able to help me find a solution that met my connectivity needs to provide Wi-Fi for the entire bowl and all of our spectators. It’s been great having them as a partner. They just met a need that we previously didn’t have and meets the expectations of our spectators today.” – Chip Suttles, VP of Technology, CenturyLink Field


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