Ryerson University Stays Connected with Extreme Networks

Published 13 Feb 2019

Mourad Michael is the Director of Communications Infrastructure for Ryerson University, one of the largest universities in Canada with over 40,000 students. Michael recognizes that what sets Extreme apart from their competitors goes beyond just their technology but that how they listen to their customers.

“What I like about Extreme is they listen to their customers, I’ve been was Extreme for less than a year and what really amazed me was how responsive they are and how they take care of me. I met with them and I told them that with the acquisition with Avaya, there is some great technology you guys acquired and I don’t want to lose it. And a few months later they incorporated these functionalities which is shortest path bridging for their products, which was amazing.” –  Mourad Michael, Director of Communications Infrastructure, Ryerson University


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