Large Public University Flawlessly Runs 60,000 Wired Connections a Day with Extreme Network Switches

Published 21 Aug 2018

Ryan Turner, Senior Manager of Networking at a large public university in North Carolina discusses how the university built a strong strategic partnership with Extreme Networks that has resulted in support for 60,000 flawless wired connections a day with 3,000 switches on campus. The University is an R1 research university with 30,000 students and is considered one of the top universities in the world.

The university works aggressively with the Extreme executive and engineering teams to bring features into the product portfolio that they require to meet the needs of students and staff. Ryan believes the relationship they’ve built has allowed them to do more with the products than they would have been able to with any other vendor.

“Extreme is different from other vendors in the level of access they provide to senior-level management and leadership. I can pick up the phone and call virtually anyone on the executive staff and work with them to resolve any issues we have. I’ve never had that level of access to executives in other companies. There’s a lack of arrogance and a real openness that helps me do my job.” – Ryan Turner, senior manager of networking at a large public university


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