Jefferson College: A Network for the Future

Published 24 Oct 2022

When students come on campus at Jefferson College in Hillsboro, Missouri, they bring their devices with them – sometimes three or four. Combine that with the demands of campus operations, new classroom technology, multiple sports venues and a distributed campus covering more than 400 acres, it’s a perfect recipe for a challenging network environment.

The team at Jefferson College new they needed more than just the network for right now, they needed a network that would give them the capacity and functionality to support them for years to come.

As Jefferson College IT Director/CIO Tracy James puts it: “Right now, I don’t know in the next two or three years what’s coming down the pipe for different programs within our campus or what the requirements will be. But one thing for sure is they will need a network connection somewhere and now we have the capacity to support that. And I will say that, with our Extreme solution in place, I do sleep a little easier at night.”

Watch this video to see how Jefferson College and Extreme built a futureproof network to support the student experience.

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