Green Bay Packers Enhance the Fan Experience at Lambeau Field with Powerful Wi-Fi

Published 18 Sep 2018
Wayne Wichlacz, IT Director for the Green Bay Packers, shares his experiences with Extreme and how our solutions helped the organization on its digital transformation journey.

Whenever you look at a complicated project, a lot of technology, it's always about the people and the people from Extreme that we worked with, both from a design, installation and support aspect, have been really talented, conscientious people who were willing to work with us on a big project. There's always little things that will come up that you didn't anticipate and the Extreme team was able to work with us to work through those challenges and come to a solution. The people that worked on our project really were valuable to us and invaluable to the solution.

Wayne Wichlacz IT Director, Green Bay Packers
Learn more about the Green Bay Packer’s network solution and experiences with Extreme in the case study!

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