In-Venue Network Technologies for an Enhanced Game Day Experience

Published 14 Aug 2019

Digital disruption and adoption is in full swing, placing acute responsibility on sport s teams and their venues to interact and engage with their fans in a way that aligns with their habit s and expectations today. For sport s organizations to remain relevant and competitive, investment in strategic technologies for the fan experience in-venue is no longer a luxury? It’s table stakes.

With this in mind it shouldn’t come as a surprise that fans except a high quality, value-added mobile experience upon entering a sport s stadium or arena. The availability of secure and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity is integral to a complete game day experience for fans. Not only does a Wi-Fi network need to meet the expectations of today’s fan, it also supports the mission critical operations of the business, enables the strategic digital initiatives of the business, and creates a meaningful, personalized experience for fans.

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