Clinical Grade BYOD for Healthcare

Published 5 Mar 2018

Healthcare providers are under pressure to reduce the cost of care delivery, efficiently manage resources and improve patient care and safety. Extraordinary measures are being made in healthcare IT to provide timely and accurate information to caregivers and patients at the point-of-care through the adoption of technology.

Every hospital today is moving towards new electronic medical records systems and with that many are adopting Unified Communications (UC) solutions such as Microsoft Lync, next generation paging apps, and smartphones. Yet the approaches and tools used by IT need to evolve to support these new platforms.

The Extreme Networks BYOD solution provides hospitals with resilient Wi-Fi infrastructure, the efficient means to on-board and manage smartphone devices used by clinicians and the necessary security capabilities for patient data compliance. From a single window, IT can set policy for which applications each device can access, both within the hospital and across the Internet. The policy is capable of setting a range of parameters that determine device access rights, including user, device type, location, and time of day.

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