Retail Furniture Brand Deploys IoT Electronic Shelf-Labeling System

Published 3 Apr 2020
Omnichannel strategy is an increasingly important business goal for retailers’ success today. As part of this strategy, retail businesses must be able to react quickly to price drops by online brands and adjust the competitive prices of their products promptly. In addition, and above all, retailers are looking to augment the role of their supporting staff and sales associates, by offloading mundane, time-consuming tasks so more time can be dedicated to customer service.

Technology Needs
  • Central and automated management of digital price tags
  • Combined solution of an access point (WLAN + IoT system)
  • Integration into existing IT infrastructure
  • Data security and encryption
  • Development of a USB dongle together with SES-IMAGOTAG
  • Maintain functionality of existing network infrastructure
  • Seamless centralized control of the digital price tags and the WLAN systems
  • Manage and control digital price tags centrally across European locations at the touch of a button
  • Resource-saving IoT protocol with maximum security
  • Operational reliability through comprehensive service concept and monitoring via electronic shelf-label and WLAN overall system (by LNConsult)

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