Port of Tallinn Fortifies Network Operations with Fabric

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The Port of Tallinn is one of the fastest-growing seaports in Europe and the largest in Estonia. The port has evolved from a traditional operator to a modern and multifaceted development and services enterprise, becoming a hub for cruise lines, ferries, cargo transport, and more.

The seaport’s continued growth required support for an ever-increasing demand for its services, significantly increasing the volume of transferred information over its network. The addition of video streaming services, security camera systems, and other digital innovations put greater pressure on the network’s bandwidth. Realizing the need to enhance the performance of the network core and infrastructure, the Port of Tallinn required a solution that would increase capacity, eliminate downtime, and extend across the premises.



  • Eliminate interruption and downtime to ensure operational efficiency for critical seaport
  • Increase bandwidth to support growing number of connected devices and new technologies
  • Scalable solution that can grow in tandem with port’s expansion plans
"Compared to the previous technologies that we used, the new solution makes our lives much, much easier. The Extreme Networks Fabric solution has an extremely high level of automation which significantly reduces the administrative resources required to manage and expand the network."
Reimo Salumets
IT Infrastructure Architect, Port of Tallinn

Extreme Solutions

  • Extreme Fabric Connect
  • ExtremeCloud™ IQ
  • ExtremeControl™
  • ExtremeAnalytics™
  • ExtremeSwitching™



Network Automation

  • Introduced new levels of automation, reducing administrative resources needed to manage and expand network
  • Less time spent on actively managing the network means IT team can focus on innovation and introducing new technologies

Increased Operation Speeds

  • Throughput of new core network has increased tenfold
  • Improved bandwidth capacity for increased numbers of end users and devices

Fortified Security

  • 360-degree view of connected devices and users
  • Hyper-segmentation technology of fabric enables role-based access and automatic quarantine