Hospital Undergoes Digital Transformation with Network Fabric Integration

Published 23 May 2018

Sydney Adventist Hospital (SAH), known as ‘the San’, is an acute-care private hospital with capacity for 550 licensed overnight beds. It is the largest private and the largest not-for-profit hospital in NSW, Australia. The San has a small team to manage its infrastructure, so they needed to have visibility and control of every element of the environment. That means every IP-enabled device is on the one network, including systems such as CCTV and BMS controllers. It also means no point solutions are implemented that might create organisational or operational barriers: every solution deployed at the San needs to be monitored and managed centrally by the San’s own IS team, with any issues able to be diagnosed and quarantined quickly to avoid wider impact on those critical services running the hospital. The San is moving away from VLANs and using Extreme Fabric Connect, managed from a single pane of glass. This has transformed the network and is enabling faster delivery of new applications and services for the San.

  • Creation of a responsive, reliable, robust network infrastructure
  • Automated and secure rapid device provisioning
  • A network able to support mobile and highly-virtualised workloads

Results of the new network solution include:

  • Platform supporting the delivery of digital health services and future digital transformation
  • Centralized management and control of entire environment for administrators, ensuring business continuity of core services
  • Network providing the pathway for greater use of mobility within the hospital

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