What is Universal ZTNA?


Universal ZTNA solutions, like ExtremeCloud Universal ZTNA, are comprehensive solutions designed to serve as a cornerstone for your business network infrastructure. Essentially, Universal ZTNA combines the strengths of traditional campus security and remote access solutions into a single platform. This integration ensures a smooth user experience across your enterprise, including applications, devices, and networks. It emphasizes a frictionless approach to network access while maintaining robust security measures, thereby enhancing the efficiency and safety of your network operations.


IT Challenges Solved with Universal ZTNA

IT professionals are grappling with many challenges in today's complex security landscape. One of the biggest concerns is protecting identity and vulnerabilities at the human layer. Adding to that, with the influx of security controls coupled with the intricacies of managing disparate solutions, IT teams have many security risks to address. The need for a cohesive strategy to safeguard the connected human experience is a driving force for organizations today, and solutions like Universal ZTNA are the answer.

The key challenge is happening at the human layer, and I think that is pervasive across security leaders in the challenges that they are facing… I think the benefit value of a universal zero-trust approach to networking is that it's not just developed for the humans we're protecting. It is also developed for the humans managing the protection.
Robert Redd
VP of Public Sector Engineering, Converge One

Universal ZTNA offers a holistic approach to network security, aligning with IT professionals' evolving needs to secure hybrid work environments. By ensuring consistent security measures across users, devices, applications, and IoT endpoints, Universal ZTNA reduces the risk of breaches and data compromise. Since it creates a unified framework that streamlines the management process, it reduces complexities associated with juggling multiple solutions and addressing gaps in security.

In essence, Universal ZTNA not only safeguards the digital interactions of users but also enhances the quality of life for IT professionals by providing a manageable and comprehensive security solution tailored to meet the demands of the enterprise.


A Peek into ExtremeCloud Universal ZTNA

ExtremeCloud Universal ZTNA offers a streamlined dashboard providing a unified view of network and application access. Administrators gain real-time insights into application health status, authentication events, and network access activities, ensuring proactive security monitoring. The flexible policy framework includes a hybrid policy that seamlessly combines network and application security, bolstering defenses against emerging threats.


The Value of Universal ZTNA

Slade Besson, Director of Networking at Nicholls State University, highlighted the value of ExtremeCloud Universal ZTNA at Extreme Connect 2024 in Fort Worth, Texas. He emphasized its simplicity and effectiveness for security operations. With a unified policy and a single pane of glass view, the university can effortlessly manage security across its users, whether at home or on campus.


Frictionless, Secure Human Experiences

ExtremeCloud Universal ZTNA is here to help organizations gain control of network security's complexities. By seamlessly integrating security and remote access into a single, comprehensive platform, Universal ZTNA ensures a frictionless user experience while bolstering security measures. Universal ZTNA addresses the diverse needs of remote and hybrid users while simplifying network security, making it an essential tool for balancing security and digital experiences.

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