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One of the most significant opportunities for a networking vendor is understanding the network from the consumer’s perspective. As the user connects and consumes resources, we often look deeply into the data from the network side to understand what kind of experience they are having. When something goes wrong, IT staff often ask users to explain their experience so that a technician can resolve the issue. But the consumer’s experience may not be straightforward due to any number of factors, such as the type of device on which they’re working; the health of the device; the network connection; or the applications they’re accessing. The only way to truly understand the consumer experience is to share it. But IT can’t be everywhere, can they? We think they can be!

workers on an ipadAdministrators are under extraordinary pressure to resolve issues quickly. They need to provide business continuity and to prove that with real-time operational insights. That means being able to troubleshoot and resolve issues within minutes rather than hours or even weeks.

How can a user in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, be expected to provide consistent troubleshooting information to a technician in Toronto when their device doesn’t work consistently? They need to get their job done!

How can an IT admin in Singapore be expected to proactively solve problems with voice quality on a mobile device in Kuala Lumpur? What if there are tens of thousands of devices spread across hundreds of locations in multiple countries?

Some of the most challenging mobile and handheld use cases are in transport and logistics, retail, and healthcare, where performance is critical. Not only do these verticals feature some of the most demanding and business-critical applications but, in the case of healthcare, also life-critical. Users can’t take time away from their work to spend hours troubleshooting troublesome devices. They don’t care whether the issue is the device, the network, or the application. They need it to work!

Introducing Extreme Intuitive Insights.

Extreme Intuitive Insights is a mobile-first modular solution that connects device, network, and application performance data into a single simplified device management and troubleshooting application in combination with our mobile device and IoT partners. This holistic view of the user experience proactively eliminates finger-pointing and guesswork from the issue resolution process so that users can get their work done more effectively than ever before.

Extreme Intuitive Insights leverages cloud-native technologies to allow IT staff to work from anywhere, any time, and proactively resolve issues across their mobile and network infrastructure, whether they’re in a single location or distributed across the entire globe. To scale to that size previously would have taken a small army of technicians worldwide and would have been nearly impossible with limited budgets and strained resources. Because Extreme Intuitive Insights is designed to transparently enable visibility both from the user device and the network, the consumer of that device and network experience can accomplish their tasks without the overhead of becoming a remote IT technician, further enhancing business continuity.

In developing Extreme Intuitive Insights, we looked for a great alliance partner who would bring additional value to our customers. Naturally, we approached Zebra Technologies, a best-in-class solutions provider with whom Extreme has a shared history. The insights provided by Extreme’s cloud networking solutions combined with data from Zebra’s Wireless Insights platform deliver proactive device lifecycle management, network performance monitoring, end-user application performance metrics, and simplified identification of issues for unprecedented visibility from the device, through the network, and to the application.

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Extreme believes that for organizations to succeed, they need to become Infinite Enterprises. An Infinite Enterprise is infinitely distributed to meet users wherever they are, delivers a consumer-centric experience where technology revolves around the user’s needs and enables that experience at scale. Cloud technologies allow us to build solutions like Extreme Intuitive Insights to address these needs.

At Extreme, we do what we do best, and we think we’re the best at what we do. Everything we do is driven by customer empathy. When we identify a need that takes us beyond our business, we reach out to our trusted partners in the industry who share a passion for and focus on delivering the best consumer-centric solutions. With Extreme Intuitive Insights, we are delivering real-time operational insights and business continuity with less complexity.

We think Extreme Intuitive Insights is a game-changer for businesses that demand infinitely distributed, consumer-centric solutions delivered at scale to provide the best outcomes possible. We continue to be maniacally focused on delivering the best solutions with the best partners in the industry.

To learn more about Extreme Intuitive Insights, visit https://www.extremenetworks.com/extreme-intuitive-insights/ to learn more.

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