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Our channel partners play an essential role in helping customers tell their unique success stories. One story might be a healthcare facility or hospital using the latest in clinical-grade cloud-driven technology to provide next-generation care and life-saving services to patients. Another story might be a brick and mortar retail store using personalized services and engagement to win their shoppers back from online retailers.

We're excited to play a vital role in our customers’ stories and we are thankful to our partners who are on the ground moving customers forward and helping everyone advance.

At our recent Extreme Partner Summit, we had the opportunity to speak with several partners and get their thoughts on what it’s like to be an Extreme Partner. We’re excited to spotlight those stories in our new video series over the next few weeks.

A key theme we heard throughout the interviews is how partners have built their businesses around being customer-focused and feel that Extreme Networks is customer-driven. When you pair companies who have developed their businesses around people and you add in a cohesive platform of cloud-managed end-to-end solutions, you get a winning formula.

As we tell these stories, we will link them below, so bookmark this page and visit often.

#1 Lina Krogh from JT Tech

“Extreme Networks has done an incredible job helping JT Tech grow our business and take different avenues to communicate with our marketplace. I’m just thankful that they continue to reach out to us and diversify our communication with our customers and the ability to grow new business, which we love” – Lina Krogh, Senior Sales Executive, JT Tech

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#2 Sebastian Schwab from Indasys

The partnership with Extreme strongly influences our business. It is just a great collaboration and it makes up a very large part of our company total revenue– Sebastian Schwab, CEO, Indasys

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#3 Rob Finucan, CEO from Combat Networks

“Last year our business grew with Extreme significantly. Extreme has grown to become one of our most important partners that we have at Combat Networks. So that growth that we’ve seen at Combat has mirrored the growth that Extreme has seen in the Canadian market” – Rob Finucan, CEO, Combat Networks

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#4 Richard Beeston, Director of Product Management, Daisy Corporate Services

“Our Extreme Partnership has helped us differentiate ourselves in the market, making us quite disruptive against other brands. We feel valued as an Extreme partner as we’re able to help steer product roadmap, get relationships working faster than with other vendors and have the freedom of commercial flexibility.” – Richard Beeston, Director of Product Management, Daisy Corporate Services

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#5 Jim Bahm, CEO, Networking Technologies

“The Extreme Partnership has impacted our business greatly because it has allowed us to provide our customers with a networking solution that incorporates security and manageability.” – Jim Bahm, CEO, Networking Technologies

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#6 Laureano Veiga, Acuntia Alliance Manager, Axians

“With Extreme, we can focus on our customers specific needs, across multiple verticals, with a targeted or customized solution.” - Laureano Veiga, Acuntia Alliance Manager, Axians

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#7 Ray Riddle, Chief Operations Officer, TeleComp Computer Services Inc (formerly Beasley Technology)

“Extreme has given us a great amount of flexibility and we find that we can use the breadth of all the product lines to serve all of our clients from very small to very large, with different budgets and across multiple verticals.” – Ray Riddle, Chief Operations Officer at TeleComp Computer Services Inc (formerly Beasley Technology)

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#8 Rob Smith, Product Manager, Maintel

“Innovation announcements coming from Extreme are very exciting! With cloud services, SD-WAN, and next-gen Wi-Fi, we’re able to provide our customers with a really great eco-system of solutions.” – Rob Smith, Product Manager at Maintel

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#9 Jose Valter Jr., Commercial Director, TDEC Network Group Inc.

“I'm extremely happy with our relationship – Extreme is my number one vendor. The new technology from Extreme gives us a lot of freedom and makes it easy to do business with our mutual customers. Together, we have a strong track to success.” Jose Valter Jr. Commercial Director at TDEC Network Group Inc.

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#10 Paolo Marsella, CEO, Aditinet Consulting

"The clear product direction and technical quality of solutions from Extreme are unmatched. Their acquisitions have instilled great confidence in us - we're even more motivated to develop & grow our partnership." - Paolo Marsella, CEO, Aditinet Consulting

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#11 Oliver Lindlar, Managing Director, GORDION Data Systems Technology

“Extreme is a leader at the forefront of technology, making them an ideal partner to go-to-market with and offer innovative products and solutions to our customers.” - Oliver Lindlar, Managing Director, GORDION Data Systems Technology

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