Samaritan Meets New Tech Demands with Next Gen Infrastructure

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Samaritan Medical Center is a multi-site healthcare provider serving a geographically dispersed patient population in upstate New York. Samaritan delivers a variety of healthcare services from its three-building, 260-bed main campus, as well as seven additional distributed locations, including new primary care and long-term care facilities. The organization has approximately 2,700 employees and an IT team with five engineers.


  • Infrastructure upgrade to support growing network complexity and connectivity requirements
  • Additional bandwidth to support influx of IoT and connected devices and telehealth services
"I am grateful for our relationship with Extreme Networks and am excited about how the products are maturing. The currency of the future is data and my ability to deliver usable communication quickly and efficiently will be imperative. I have a great partner in Extreme to do that."
Kyle Aumell
Technical Services Manager, Samaritan Health

Extreme Solutions

  • ExtremeSwitching
  • Extreme Management Center
  • ExtremeWireless
  • ExtremeCloud IQ



Increased Operational Efficiency

  • PoE switches reduce complexity and time when deploying new devices
  • Single pane of glass visibility into entire network environment

Improved Patient Experience

  • Transformation of main campus accommodates evolving business needs to serve more patients safely
  • New switches enable fast transfer of large imaging files between facilities to support telehealth growth
  • Consistent, reliable wireless connectivity at remote locations deliver enhanced experiences

Driving Topline Revenue

  • Unlimited data horizon drives more informed decision-making and troubleshooting
  • Simplified M/A/C process minimizes strain on IT team and creates time for other tasks