Grifols Dynamically Orchestrates Application Performance With SD-WAN

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Grifols is a major Spanish healthcare company employing 17,000 in 30 subsidiaries around the world all dedicated to the mission of research, development and manufacturing of transfusion medicine. A leading manufacturer of plasma, Grifols has a presence in more than 100 countries, including a network of nearly 200 plasma donation centers operating in the United States.



  • Supporting the transition to SaaS solutions that consume bandwidth
  • Improving donor experience by reducing waiting times at collection centers
  • Ensuring maximum WAN availability
  • Securing sensitive donor data
"Dynamically orchestrating the performance of our business applications over our WAN, which is made possible by Ipanema's Application Aware SD-WAN Solution, is one of the pillars of our digital transformation. It allows us to improve the experience of donors while controlling our operating costs."
Josep Sans
Global Network Manager, Grifols

Extreme Solutions

  • ExtremeCloud™ SD-WAN



Optimized User Experience

  • Increased use of video applications for donor services has created a better experience at donation centers
  • Application flows are managed dynamically and in real-time on the network, delivering the best quality of service

Network Reliability

  • Increased flexibility for migrating IT systems and applications to the cloud
  • Major reduction in network incidents, especially for remote locations

Controlling Costs

  • Granular management meets the business need for quality of service while reducing overall telecom costs
  • Bandwidth optimization between core data centers and remote sites lowers costs