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ExtremeLocation is a resilient and scalable cloud-based location and analytics solution offered by Extreme Networks as a subscription service, to align with your new business imperatives.

ExtremeLocation provides enterprises powerful multi-tier location services that can scale to thousands of branch sites and 100,000 access points. ExtremeLocation offers a range of granular location accuracy to address various application scenarios with extensive real-time and historical location analytics, such as; new and repeat visitors, visitor engagement times, location of associates and specifics of site or zone performance. When combined with Extreme’s enterprise-grade wireless networking,

ExtremeLocation is an easy to use cloud-based platform that helps you transform your business with a highly available pay-as-you grow solution. Backed by Extreme Network’s industry-leading global support and services, ExtremeLocation simplifies the difficult task of supporting your business transformation goals.

Cloud-based Subscription for Indoor Location Tracking

  • Scalable – supports large distributed deployments with 100,000 APs

Integrated Location Platform

  • Wi-Fi
  • Presence
  • Zone Tracking
  • Position Tracking

Location Analytics

  • Site, Zone, System Level
  • Visitor and Associate Level
  • Motion path analysis

Modern Graphical User Interface

  • Dashboard
  • Map Editor
  • Real-time and Historical

Location Analytics Subscriber Services

  • RESTful APIs for 3rd party application integration

Achieving Business Imperatives

ExtremeLocation empowers enterprises to take their business to a new level with deeper insights. With real-time location and analytics, enterprises such as; retail and hospitality can engage their customers with contextual-based personalized experience, while transportation and logistics, manufacturing and healthcare can monitor workflow and assets to improve their overall operation and efficiency.

  • Better understanding your customer preferences and delivering a personalized experience in the store or as a guest staying at a hotel.Knowing where your staff and resources are; connecting with customers that need assistance faster and utilizing staff more efficiently
  • Knowing where your staff and resources are; connecting with customers that need assistance faster and utilizing staff more efficiently Understanding traffic patterns and workflow; resulting in improving operational efficiency or customer experience
  •  Understanding traffic patterns and workflow; resulting in improving operational efficiency or customer experience
  • Leveraging your wireless LAN for greater return on investment

Deeper Insights into your Business and Customers

Comprehensive real-time and historical location analytics from ExtremeLocation will provide you with the business intelligence that help enterprises understand how each site or department is performing.
Analytics data charts and widgets.

Actionable Analytics:

Site Analytics

  • Overall footfall (visits) in the store – hourly, today, yesterday, last week.
  • Capture rate – outside Vs inside visits
  • Bounced Vs Engaged visits
  • Trends on loyalty – repeat vs new visits
  • Peak and Off-peak hours
  • Top and bottom performing sites

Zone Analytics

  • How many visits in each zone – hourly, today, yesterday, last week?
  • Total engagement time of visitors in each zone – hourly, today, yesterday, last week.
  • Unique visitors in each zone
  • Top-5 zones by visits
  • Bottom-5 zones by visits
  • Device density heat-maps
  • Top-5 zones by engagement time
  • Bottom-5 zones by engagement time
  • Engagement heat maps

Associate Analytics

  • Where are associates in the store/venue?
  • How much time associates are spending in each department?
  • What is the ratio of associate’s vs visitors in every zone?

Map View

  • Obtain a global live view of all your sitesSee
  • See the top 5 and the bottom 5 performing sites
  • How does today’s footfall compare to yesterdays?

Cloud-based Scalability and Economics

Simple deployment for faster rollouts, allowing enterprises quickly get new sites up and only paying for the sites they need, when they need it.

  • Supports thousands of sites and 100K access points
  • License based, only license the sites deployedSingle
  • Single Pane of glass management
  • Database owned and managed by the customer

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