ExtremeControl for ExtremeCloud IQ – Site Engine

Granular Policy Control and In-depth End-point Visibility

Control users and devices across your networks with granular visibility and in-depth control.

ExtremeControl extends the functionality within ExtremeCloud IQ – Site Engine. From a single screen, it enables the enforcement of consistent, highly secure access policies and the granular control of users and IoT devices for network onboarding. It helps protect corporate data by proactively preventing unauthorized users and compromised endpoints from gaining access to the network.

ExtremeControl™ for ExtremeCloud IQ – Site Engine solidifies your organization’s network security with:

Granular Policy Control

Enable secure BYOD, guest access and loT by rolling out real-time policies based on the security posture of devices.

Advanced Reporting

Identify threats by profiling and tracking users and devices, as well as monitoring the health and compliance of devices before and after access.

Ecosystem Integration

Benefit from an array of integrated solutions via Extreme Networks’ ecosystem of partners to expand network security and threat response.

Traditional NAC

  • 1. Simple policies
  • 2. Cumbersome onboarding
  • 3. Limited user and device profiles
  • 4. Rudimentary IoT management
  • 5. Several tools for wired and wireless


  • 1. Provides context driven, consistent policies from the edge to the data center.
  • 2. Enables secure, simple device and user onboarding with device fingerprinting.
  • 3. Provides detailed profiling via a role-based network access control for all users and devices including third party devices to securely enable guest access, BYOD and loT to protect the network against external threats.
  • 4. Enables application of policies based on security posture of IoT devices matching endpoints with attributes, such as, user, time, location, vulnerability, or access type, to create an all-encompassing contextual identity.
  • 5. A single license and screen to manage wired, wireless, and third-party network devices with integrated network access control.

ExtremeControl Technical Specifications