ExtremeAnalytics for ExtremeCloud IQ – Site Engine

Real-time Application and User Insights

Keep your network secure with application visibility.

ExtremeAnalytics extends the functionality within ExtremeCloud IQ – Site Engine. From a single screen, it enables network security through granular visibility and analytics into applications and networks, from the edge to the data center. It provides context-based visibility to help better understand user behavior on the network, identify the level of user engagement, and assure business application delivery for optimized quality of experience.

ExtremeAnalytics™ for ExtremeCloud IQ – Site Engine provides real-time intelligence and enables:

Insights for Business and Security

Get context-based visibility and identify from a single screen what applications are running on your network, what devices are connected to it, as well as its users and their locations for a more holistic view of the network.

Exceptional Application Experience Delivery

Optimize your applications for experience and usage with context-based telemetry data regarding traffic flows within your network.

Faster Troubleshooting, Quicker Root Cause Analysis

Use simple diagnostic tools to diagnose issues and obtain a superior quality of experience via an application performance dashboard that proactively monitors application performance and helps users determine whether applications or the network is at the root of the performance issues.

Traditional Reporting 

  • 1. Can't track usage and usage patterns 
  • 2. Don't know who is using what applications
  • 3. Analytics traffic slows down my network
  • 4. Can't block unwanted applications that might compromise network
  • 5. Don't know what applications are running on my network
  • 6. Need to install analytics node at all my sites


  • 1. Provides insights into user behavior on the network and the level of user engagement to help assure business application delivery for optimized quality of experience.
  • 2. Identifies level of user engagement with applications to help users make better investment choices in the applications they choose to run on their network.
  • 3. Uses application telemetry providing real-time analytics into application flows from every part of the network without requiring dedicated probes.
  • 4. Provides security forensic tools and deep visibility into unwanted applications, unusual traffic, and shadow IT to block their use if required.
  • 5. Enables secure operational environment by providing users with granular visibility and analytics into their applications and network to determine who is using what application, when and where.
  • 6. Provides full visibility from a central location of traffic flowing through the entire network comprised of Extreme Networks’ hardware (Switches and APs). As well, users have the option to deploy Extreme’s Traffic Sensor appliance for flow analysis in third party environments.

ExtremeAnalytics Technical Specifications

ExtremeAnalytics is compatible with