Establishing the #NewNormal

How greater levels of distributed connectivity demand even greater levels of network control, assurance, and insights

We help to connect and protect your people, devices, and data through better network control and insights.

At Extreme, we are working with organizations to address community, campus, building, and person level considerations, helping to simplify and secure connectivity anywhere from a head office to the home office, and unlocking critical data insights for IT and facilities teams transitioning to their #newnormal.

This is how we can help:


Flexible remote and temporary connectivity solutions support your adapting access needs, delivering secure and reliable network extensions for remote working, learning, caring, and living.


Confidently incorporate IoT and robotic devices in to your network with secure onboarding and visibility to help automate your services, reduce risk, and minimize staff exposure.


Better comply with government guidance and requirements for safer working, learning, and caring environments through data analytics and APIs designed to fuel applications on your premises.


Cloud-driven network analytics enable location and presence tracking and positioning to support your safe social distancing tools and applications within your facilities.

The #NewNormal Requires Effortless Cloud Networking

Networking is the foundation for post COVID-19 operations. Whether returning to an office, school, store, or remaining remote, the welfare and connectivity needs of your people, devices, and locations are changing. As organizations and IT teams work to implement new ways of learning, working, and living through evolving mobility, IoT, and application dynamics, there is a need for greater network management, agility, control, and data insights — achievable only in today’s world with next-generation cloud-driven networking capable of collecting, consuming, and correlating vast amounts of meaningful network data.

Enable your Agile Workforce for Anytime, Anywhere Access

The only way to keep your workforce, students, or customers moving forward is to keep them connected, which is becoming increasingly challenging as the network becomes increasingly distributed across home offices and temporary spaces.

With cloud management, organizations are able to centrally orchestrate and support highly dispersed remote and dynamic campus environments, leveraging data insights to continually optimize and reshape their wired and wireless networks as organizations and governments reshape policies.

Increase Safety for your People and Network

More organizations are turning to automation through IoT and robotic devices to help protect their people and support operations, but who is protecting the devices and the network that they are connected to?

Access layer security is essential for device authentication and onboarding, yet is not straightforward, especially with devices and infrastructure managed at distance. Cloud-driven networking is critical for the successful integration and monitoring of IoT networked devices, delivering enhanced visibility and policy enforcement through actionable machine learning derived insights and device fingerprinting, so that IT can have full confidence that its network, people, and organization are protected.

Better Understand your Environment through your Network

While we want to stay close and connected, there is a responsibility for organizations to manage physical contact, and ensure compliance with safety guidelines and regulations.

Connected and non-connected network devices alike offer a wealth of insights to support facilities and leadership teams in managing their environments, but it takes a lot of processing power. That power is found in 4th generation cloud networking platforms, capable of collecting, consuming, and correlating >6PB of network data insights per day. These rich insights can then be processed and passed to 3rd party occupancy management and contact tracing applications, enabling centralized teams to monitor and assure local sites are following practices and procedures accordingly.

Enhanced Data Perspective for Enhanced Insights

The ExtremeCloud platform is the industry’s only to offer an enhanced historical data perspective for better business and IT visibility over time vs. the industry standard of just 30 days.

To help organizations address current and future business and network challenges, Extreme has introduced an enhanced data perspective for networking analytics reporting.

This means that IT and leadership teams can leverage and look back at data insights over a longer period of time to better understand and support their environments and people. Enhanced data retention provides instantly accessible live and historical insights, optimized network performance reporting over time, and better visibility into facilities operations and trends from afar.

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Secure, Insightful, and Effortless Cloud Networking With Extreme


100% Uptime with rapid feature and bug fix availability using CI/CD


With over 1 million bits of data stored per day, we're on track to losing one every 659,000 years


Enhanced live and historical data insights with longest data perspective in the industry


Industry’s only ISO27001 certified cloud, supporting GDPR and CCPA, available as either public or private cloud

Effortless Networking From Day One with Zero-Cost Cloud

Cloud-driven networking is a crucial part of establishing the #newnormal to support enhanced connectivity, insight, and control, but so is managing and protecting costs following the pandemic.

That’s why at Extreme, we are making it even more effortless for organizations to make the move to cloud networking, by introducing a free level of cloud management. ExtremeCloud IQ Connect offers essential wired and wireless network management and visibility for thousands of devices, with a seamless upgrade path to ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot, that delivers advanced policy management and actionable machine learning insights with a lifetime data perspective.

Extreme is offering an additional three months free for any ExtremeCloud IQ subscription purchased from June 1– August 31, 2020.


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Establishing a New Network Ecosystem for the #NewNormal.

Extreme is partnering with leading technology providers to help navigate organizational and IT challenges and transformation

How Cloud-Driven Networking Makes Buildings COVID-19 Resistant

As pundits debate which country’s approach to dealing with CV-19 is performing less badly, the only real fact most people can agree on is that the virus is winning. Organizations are grappling with how to re-open, and an active thread of public discourse surrounds the guidelines and best practices for testing, contact tracing, and social distancing.

Businesses and Schools Have Begun Transition to the New Normal

We are coming to understand a new normal, one that will remain in effect for the rest of the year, perhaps for the foreseeable future. This new normal involves extensive use of home offices, remote learning, monitoring and controlling building and room occupancy, disinfecting buildings with robotics and IoT, and deploying infrastructure to assist with contact tracing.