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Ryan Hall Manager, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 3 Mar 2021

How the Eldorado deployed a purpose built Wi-Fi network for their guests, eliminated visitor complaints, supported the digital initiatives of the property, and created an overall enhanced onsite experience.   


The Eldorado Resort Casino in Reno, Nevada is well-known for its phenomenal service, friendly staff, and festivals. However, like many properties, Eldorado faced its share of   wireless service complaints. The property struggled to meet guest expectations, and needed a solution.

The Challenge: Eliminate Wireless Complaints and Gain Insights

Eldorado Resort Casino needed a wireless network to support the mobile habits of their guests while keeping future business goals in mind. Resort guests anticipate a high-quality Wi-Fi experience. They expect excellent access whether they are inside the hotel, exploring the resort, or entering the casino. As a popular entertainment destination, Eldorado sees high foot traffic every day with about half a billion guests annually. This volume of visitors presents a huge opportunity to strengthen the Eldorado-guest relationships by using a wireless network as a unique touch point and channel of communication. Long-lasting memories and value-added experiences resonate with guests when they are considering where to stay on their next visit to Reno.

Eldorado Resort Casino wanted the ability to engage and interact with their guest population over Wi-Fi once they connect to the onsite network. Utilizing technology as a strategic asset, the property could leverage location-based insights over the Wi-Fi network. They could observe guest engagement through contextual analytics which would ultimately lead to better service.

The Answer: Providing Personalized Seamless Guest Wi-Fi Access

Eldorado Resort Casino partnered with Extreme Networks and SONIFI to deliver on its wireless goals.  Extreme’s purpose-built technologies deliver quality and pervasive network solutions while SONIFI offers industry-leading expertise in network design, network installation and specialized interactive content including OTT options.  All backed with quality service and support.      

Together, Extreme and SONIFI designed and deployed a wireless network to exceed guest expectations. The network design enables guests to seamlessly and easily connect to the network. It also provides adequate bandwidth to support their mobile usage including the option to connect multiple devices per guest. The additional goal of simple, extended connectivity across multiple properties factored in to the network design and deployment as well.

The right solution for Eldorado Resort Casino was Extreme Wireless and Extreme Management Center. SONIFI installed 486 access points (APs) across their 814-guest room resort and an additional 90 access points in locations throughout the property. The AP installation and the resulting Wi-Fi coverage ensured guests have a seamless Wi-Fi experience that put simply, “always works”.

As part of the process, SONIFI and Extreme worked with the Eldorado IT team to develop a heat map to inform the network architecture and initial network design. By forming Wi-Fi zones, the network delivers outstanding coverage and meets bandwidth requirements across the property; Estimates show over 90% Wi-Fi coverage with the new implementation

The Results

Before working with Extreme and SONIFI, Eldorado received guest Wi-Fi complaints multiple times a day leaving the IT staff overloaded. Since deploying the new Wi-Fi network, the Eldorado Resort Casino observed a significant drop in guest complaints. What had once been dozens of calls per day troubleshooting usage is now zero! The Wi-Fi usage also increased from an average of 200-300 connected users to 700-2,000 connected users. That number is expected to be 3,800-6,000 users connected once the Wi-Fi network is live across all three properties.

Want to learn more about fighting bad internet connections and delivering an enhanced mobile experience for your guests, visit our Wi-Fight It Hospitality Resource Page!

Read the Eldorado Resort & Casino case study to learn more on how they are using Extreme Wi-Fi to provide a personalized, at-home experience to their guests.

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