Why Students at West Texas A&M University Pushed for Wi-Fi 6

Authored by: Beau Robbins, Wi-Fi Coach & WTAMU Student

Connectivity and mobility are necessities in our lives today, and that’s no different for the students at West Texas A&M University (WTAMU). That’s why students like me are always looking to improve the speed and reliability of the Wi-Fi on campus and why my student body pushed for Wi-Fi 6, the latest and greatest generation of Wi-Fi.

Students already manage all aspects of our classes online. This ranges from students submitting homework assignments to emailing professors. Not only are students using Wi-Fi for their school classes, but they are using it for entertainment, social media, and web browsing. As technology advances the world is becoming more and more dependent on this technology, and the more efficient it is, the greater the need. 

During football games, this need never stops. You may see fans streaming other sport games from around the nation, posting pictures and updates on social media, and some are even streaming our games for others to see online. 

Students and fans may be attending a WTAMU football game, but that doesn’t stop their inherent desire for constant connection with the outside world. People want to be in the know – they want to know what is happening with other college teams, watch the latest viral videos, and see what their friends and family are up to, among other things. 

Introducing a Wi-Fi 6 from Extreme Networks at Buffalo Stadium showed everyone the latest possibilities for networking and all the ways WTAMU can improve the network all over campus. 

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