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Using Container Technology to Deliver Security, Policy, and Visibility to the Access Edge

Extreme is committed to next-generation technology to help solve real customer issues from the edge of the network to the data center. Recently, we’ve been focused on using container technology to streamline not only our own development and test processes, but also to deliver on-demand flexibility and security to connected devices. Already today you can use our ExtremeCloud Appliance to host containerized applications such as our Defender for IoT, which delivers security and policy control and visibility to connected devices: 

In addition, we recently did a demo at AWS Re:Invent showing the AWS Greengrass application in a container on the ExtremeCloud Appliance. This demo uses Extreme Smart OmniEdge networking to detect and react to anomalous behavior in legacy industrial equipment and securely deliver IIoT data to the AWS cloud for analytics and dashboard functions. As we continue to innovate on this powerful platform, we expect to see many more opportunities for containerized applications on the ExtremeCloud Appliance. 

While these examples are exciting, we also took what we learned from working with these containers on our cloud appliance to extend similar functionality fully out to the edge of the network – something completely unique to Extreme. In early 2019, you’ll see the introduction of our newest operating system for our Wi-Fi access points, which we are calling WiNG 7.

WiNG 7 will run on our next-generation ExtremeMobility APs and starts with a shared base OS to drive the hardware itself. You can customize the AP for each deployment by choosing between a campus-optimized mode that supports Fabric Attach connectivity to drive policy and hyper-segmentation all the way to the edge, or a rapidly-deployed and highly distributed mode that delivers unmatched troubleshooting and management flexibility.

With WiNG 7 you can also mix and match the modes throughout your network based on need, and share policy, management, visibility, and analytics across the entire deployment. This flexibility gives us the ability to deliver the right solution at the right place in the network, and then extend the functionality all the way from the connected devices through to the data center under a single management platform.  

To learn more about containers and why the technology matters, check out this great article from

This blog was originally authored by VP of Product Marketing, Abby Strong.


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