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Top 6 Things You Must Know About ExtremeCloud

There’s no denying it – the potential of the cloud has captivated business leaders across almost every industry.  As of 2018, 73% of businesses augment their network with the cloud – and 9 out of 10 companies rely on the cloud to accelerate their digital transformation efforts.

An example of an industry with a marked interested in the cloud is education, due to the cloud’s ability to offer easy access to documents from anywhere. This means that IT departments, as well as educational staff, can efficiently locate and access key documents when they need them most. There is just one snag – intertwining a hybrid cloud architecture increases complexity. While the cloud is undeniably the future of networking, short staffed IT departments seem destined to experience even greater challenges in network management when integrating a cloud network.

But there’s good news! ExtremeCloud is able to manage all of your networks from one cohesive dashboard.

“Even if I take a day off, I’m never ‘off’ and able to get into the network and troubleshoot a wireless issue. The ease and stability was also the reason I chose Extreme.” Loretta Cruz, IT Coordinator, Chávez/Huerta

ExtremeCloud helps IT professionals manage their cloud network more simply and effectively than ever before. ExtremeCloud offers a variety of benefits to cloud-based networks, including:

  • Enabling acceptable user policies
  • Running high bandwidth apps like video conferencing
  • Managing secure devices
  • Performance visibility and app control
  • … and more!

In all, ExtremeCloud offers a complete out-of-the-box Wi-Fi network. With a range of benefits like remote network management and application prioritization, organizations with limited IT staff will finally be able to take full advantage of every asset the cloud has to offer.

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Curious what else ExtremeCloud can do for your organization? Check out the top 6 things you need to know about ExtremeCloud:

1. Only ExtremeCloud is Truly ‘Plug and Play’

Setting up ExtremeCloud is simple. First, remove the AP from the box, and plug it into your network. That’s it! It’s that easy – no scanning or serial numbers required. Just plug and play with automated self-provisioning and self-optimizing hardware, all to save you time.

2. Control Applications The Way You Want

Our competitors will only let you permit or block applications. We know that in reality, nothing functions very well in such black-and-white terms, so we let organizations prioritize applications dynamically at the right time. ExtremeCloud’s intuitive dashboard displays which applications are running, how much bandwidth they consume, and what their usage patterns are. This way your IT department can optimize bandwidth, block troublesome applications, and troubleshoot fast. Furthermore, all your applications are visible with our application fingerprinting technology, and IT staff can add custom signatures for high-priority applications. Our flow-based technology ensures actionable application insights without compromising network performance.

3. Business Policies Adapted to Your Business

ExtremeCloud makes it easy to automatically roll-out network policies to keep your data safe. ExtremeCloud’s intuitive dashboard allows you to control access to your network, from applications, to users, to devices, and provide alerts when a potential issue appears. Within the dashboard, you may also permit or deny applications, devices, and users, manage quality of service, and optimize your bandwidth.

4. True Investment Protection – Choose Your Own Solution

Who doesn’t love saving money? ExtremeCloud doesn’t demand you gut your network of switches and access points. We’ll make sure that hardware you already invested in still gets plenty of use with ExtremeCloud, even if your legacy equipment belongs to our competitors.

5. Manage Video Monitoring Too

Keep students, guests, and employees safe while you save more of your budget! With our combination video camera access point, 3916 AP, you reduce the cost of deploying both Wi-Fi access points and video cameras because it’s now one device! This ExtremeCloud enabled access point saves you a lot of money around the installation of devices and resources for managing them. It’s an all-in-one solution!

6. The Best Service and Support Around!

Extreme’s support is 100% in-sourced and rated #1 by our customers. Our customers don’t have to worry about speaking to several different technicians – 94% of our support calls are resolved by the same network specialist that answered your call.  We have a radical commitment to the best possible service and support we can provide, and a drive to ensure your entire Extreme experience is positively outstanding.

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This post was originally published by Marketing Communications Co-Op Liz Krupa.

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