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The New Extreme: Energizes the City of Lights

Randy Cross Senior Director, Program Management Published 9 Aug 2017

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?  Well, some things are just too good to keep to yourself.  We just finished the FY 2018 sales kick off in Las Vegas, and it can be described in one word: electric!  

As a former Avayan, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  The Extreme leadership team has been nothing but open and inclusive throughout the acquisition process.  They’ve obviously chosen to err on the side of over-communication with all the stakeholders.  From the front row, it’s been a phenomenal experience.  This was the first meeting of the field Sales and SE teams, though.  Would that attitude be pervasive, or would this devolve into a week of “us versus them” on culture and technology?

An eager Avaya team being welcomed on-boarded by an enthusiastic Extreme team would have been good.  A like-minded team of Networkers with varying backgrounds coming together harmoniously would have been great.  However, this team set the bar at exceptional.  The expanded Extreme team blew into Vegas like a storm: everyone arrived buzzing with excitement, hungry to learn about their broader portfolios and passionate about their customers. 

Bob Gault, Chief Revenue and Services Officer, made reference to “catching lightning in a bottle” during his opening remarks.  Little could he have known how apt that statement was, as the entire atmosphere of the conference was electrifying.  People attended hours and hours of content-rich sessions and remained engaged throughout.  They started in-room discussions and chased others down in the halls to get up to speed on new things and canvass for fresh ideas that might help their customers.  Despite being exhausted, the infectious energy kept everyone going. 

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Focus was the catchword: focus on our customers and partners, and focus on Networking.  With those two elements in mind, we were able to unify around the best solutions based on individual needs.  We were able to set our sights forward on success without being distracted by our industry peers or the past.  Most importantly, we were able to bond as one team, around common goals and culture.

The new Extreme is amazing!  From the best policy/control, analytics and fabric technologies, to the #1 rated support in the industry, we have solutions to meet every need.  The truly amazing part is the people, though.  We showed up in Vegas, at best, as a bunch of random strangers that had connected via email, but we left bonded teammates, having challenged one another, helped one another, celebrated one another and generally had an all-around good time.

The numbers will tell the story of our success over the coming quarters, but I personally expect great things.  We achieved a sort of quantum entanglement in Vegas.  We’re acting as a whole to make Networking cool again, and help our customers and partners be more successful along the way.  So, if you come across one of us, prepare to be electrified.  This energy is contagious.

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