The Digital Transformation Your Community Needs

Cammy Perry Content Marketing Specialist Published 27 Dec 2022

To thrive in the modern world, state and local governments everywhere have begun undergoing a digital transformation as part of their smart community initiatives. Starting this journey can be overwhelming, but the results are too good to pass up!

Learn the number one mistake that holds communities back on their digital transformation journey so that you don’t make the same mistake!

As your IT team begins to plan and implement your smart community project, it is important to remember the three essential features that the solutions you select must have. Watch this clip to learn more about those essentials and how they can help your community along their journey.

Learn From Communities Who Have Been Where You Are

Smart communities are not new; there have been plenty of governments worldwide that have already undergone digital transformations to reimagine how their communities run.

Nevada DOT

The Nevada DOT has implemented a lot of different smart initiatives instituted to help improve efficiency within their agency. One of the critical challenges that they had to address was scaling to allow for growth and ensuring that their network was ready to adapt to future changes in demand and technologies.

City of Milwaukee

The City of Milwaukee was Extreme Networks’ first Fabric Connect customer in 2011 and, since then, has been able to adapt to growth and other changing requirements within their community. When they first partnered with Extreme, their goal was to increase network resiliency, reduce provisioning time, streamline configurations, and simplify network management.

Learn how they could accomplish their goals with this short clip, or view the full video with the link below.

Learn more about how the City of Milwaukee was able to streamline and secure critical operations with fabric technology in the full video.

City of Breda

The City of Breda is located in the Netherlands and has been seen as a technology leader to many other communities for their digital transformation success. Their IT team is constantly looking for new ways to offer improved digital government services and transform how citizens engage with one another and government officials.

Learn how the City of Breda is able to stay up to date with the latest trends by building a future-proof network infrastructure.

City of Memphis

The City of Memphis has always prioritized creating the best possible citizen experience. While over the last few years, doing so meant having up-to-date, efficient, and secure technology in place to help them support the different government-run agencies throughout the city.

Learn how they can support a range of offices and services with ExtremeWireless and Fabric Connect with this clip or access the full video below.

Learn how the City of Memphis is building a better citizen experience within their community!

Loudoun County

Loudoun County is located in Virginia and has seen extensive growth over the last few years. The county needed to upgrade their IT infrastructure to futureproof their network and adapt to the growing demand within their community.

Learn how they could do just that with this clip or access the full webinar below!


Watch the full webinar, State and Local IT Trends: A Customer Journey with Loudoun County, Virginiaavailable on-demand now!

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