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Supporting Your Hybrid Workforce – The New Way of Working in Financial Services

Cammy Perry Content Marketing Specialist Published 22 Dec 2022

It seems like the employees have spoken; hybrid and remote are the new way of working.

The pandemic proved to organizations worldwide that their staff can work from anywhere and still get their jobs done. According to analysts and industry experts, the way we work will never return to how it was pre-pandemic. Our analyst panel dove into their thoughts on hybrid work models at Extreme Connect 2022, and they all agreed that office-centric work is out.

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Building a Human-Centric Business Model

There are a lot of benefits associated with focusing on a human-centric business model rather than an office-centric business model. Some organizations have found that since prioritizing their employees and allowing for more workplace flexibility, there have been benefits for both staff and the organization, such as:

  • 44% decrease in employee fatigue
  • 45% increase in employee retention plans
  • 28% improvement in performance

Studies have proven that employees given more flexibility are more productive and collaborate more intentionally, leading to much better ideas and innovations. These benefits are only a few reasons why financial institutions have shifted to hybrid and flexible work models and why even more will probably begin to adopt similar plans.

Providing IT With the Right Tools to Support The New Way of Working

One tool that has proven beneficial to IT teams as they are expected to support end-users that are dispersed across the globe is SD-WAN. SD-WAN enables your IT team to keep up with the demand of day-to-day operations, improve network performance, and reduce network complexity.

IT teams utilizing ExtremeCloud SD-WAN can help scale their organization for future growth, support hybrid workforces, and create a more resilient and high-performing network.

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