Simplify Data Center Deployments with Turnkey Integrated Solution

Joerg Bonarius Senior Manager, Product Marketing Published 5 Oct 2020

Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX for VMWare Cloud Foundation and Extreme Networks

Lots of our customers are looking to become more efficient and flexible in their IT and are looking to implement private cloud environments that easily extend to a hybrid cloud model. At the same time, there is a strong desire to deliver scalability and real-time information services to their customers in the business units.

BYOD, moves, adds and constant changes are the new mantras and the IT infrastructure needs to be flexible. The network forms the central nervous system of any Enterprise. Reliable, fabric-based network infrastructure is the new norm and next to delivering a secure and reliable network, compute and storage needs to be as flexible as the business demands new requirements.

The data center is the heart of the enterprise and the engine that powers new applications and business capabilities. The design and implementation of the data center is a complex and challenging task to adapt and scale, requiring management of a wide range of functions, skill sets, and vendors.

To reduce risk, Fujitsu, VMware, and Extreme Networks have worked together to provide a factory-integrated system, with all the hardware and software required for rapidly deploying a large-scale hyper-converged software-defined data center infrastructure. This enables IT organizations to run highly scalable general-purpose server virtualization environments, virtual desktop infrastructures or Infrastructure-as-a-Service deployments.

The turnkey solution combines high performance, energy-efficient Fujitsu PRIMERGY standard x86 servers, network switches from Extreme Networks, and VMware Cloud Foundation™.

The integrated platform solution delivers enterprise-ready services for computing, storage, networking, and security in combination with unique lifecycle management capabilities.

Here an overview of the key deliverables:

  • Enterprise-grade services – Market-leading VMware software-defined compute, storage, and networking technology
  • Self-service automation – Automates the delivery of applications
  • Built-in intrinsic security – Provides end-to-end security for all applications across compute, storage and network infrastructure
  • Automated lifecycle management – Delivers simple management with built-in automation of day 0 to day 2 operations
  • Common platform for private and public clouds – Simplifies the path to the hybrid cloud enabling a consistent operational experience

Lastly, to name a few benefits that our joined customers enjoy today:

  • 15x faster time to market
  • 20x faster application workload provisioning
  • Up to 40% lower TCO over a traditional 3-tier architecture

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