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Save Your Seat at Training Before It’s Too Late – Extreme Connect Americas 2020

Lisa Yeaton Senior Specialist, Social Media Published 10 Dec 2019

The countdown to Extreme Connect Americas 2020 is on! With registrations already flooding in, the first thing predicted to sell out is our always highly in-demand two-day pre-conference certification training. Every year Connect gets bigger, and so does our training program, but with limited seats, you’ll still want to reserve your spot early. June will be here before we know it!

“Training and education are fundamental; it’s the foundation for success. At Extreme Connect, we find that our customers and partners who participate in training, use more technology capabilities, work more efficiently, and save time, money, and resources for their organizations.” – Dan Dulac, Vice President of Solutions Strategy, Extreme Networks

 Have you registered yet?

Here is a breakdown of all the certifications courses taking place at Extreme Connect Americas 2020:

Introduction to Extreme Management Center

In this course, you will learn how to add devices and users to the system and how to operate a network using archives, flex views, and governance.  You will also understand how to ensure the network is consistent, build alerts, and dashboard to make troubleshooting easy.

Advanced Management Center

In this course, you will learn how to integrate with other systems, how to deploy BYOD along with ensuring continuous security compliance.

Campus EXOS Switching & Routing

This course provides an overview of EXOS devices, followed by a discussion and hands-on experience covering initial device configuration, VLAN configuration, link aggregation, and common routing interface implementation in an IPv4 network.

ExtremeWireless Cloud

In this course, users will learn how to properly configure and manage a wireless access network based upon the latest cutting edge ExtremeWireless Cloud platform. Students will gain hands-on experience with setting up, configuring and monitoring a wireless network using the ExtremeWireless Cloud APs and how to create and manage a cloud orchestrated end to end networking environment via the unique Extreme Cloud IQ platform. Students will perform real-world tasks like setting up access policies, PPSKs, updates, etc.

ExtremeWireless Core

In this course, you will learn about the local controller ExtremeWireless Core solution. Based upon the converged legacy solutions of WiNG 7 and Access Wireless, this solution leverages the power and flexibility of Extreme Cloud Appliance (XCA), and local controller managed wireless networking. This knowledge will be reinforced through hands-on experience with wireless equipment in a lab environment, where students will perform real-world tasks configuring access points, security parameters, filtering, and privacy settings, as well as managing their wireless network. There will be an introduction into the evolution of the Extreme Wireless solutions offering the first glimpse into cloud-based managed solutions using Extreme Cloud IQ. This course is specific to WiNG 7.X.X software for the following controllers; NX5500, NX7500, NX9500, NX9600, and VX9000.

Campus Fabric

In this course, you will build a campus fabric infrastructure and implement Layer 2 Virtual Service Networks (VSNs). You will also learn how to add additional services, including Layer 3 VSNs and IP Shortcuts.


In the course, you will learn methods to properly configure and manage the Extreme Networks Access Control solution using a combination of the network management software applications, including Extreme Management Center, Policy, and Extreme Access Control.

SLX IP Fabric

This course provides an in-depth study of the Extreme SLX family of products and how to utilize them in an enterprise network. The course covers the core competencies of Extreme SLX IP Fabric configuration and implementation.

Each course’s hands-on lab sessions will include:

  • Installing and Troubleshooting
  • Interactive Experiences
  • Sandbox Environment
  • Hypothetical Situations

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to develop and refine your networking skills. Go back to the office with new tricks and certifications up your sleeve! We only have so much space, so be sure to register as soon as possible ASAP and secure your spot.

Extreme Connect is about the people; it's our customers, it's our partners, it's our employees, all getting together at events like this, it's been incredible.

Dan Dulac Vice President of Solutions Strategy, Extreme Networks

For more information on Extreme Connect Americas 2020, visit our Extreme Connect event website.

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