Living on the Edge

Marcus Burton Architect, Cloud Technology Published 17 Mar 2022

I recently wrote an article for TechTarget’s IoT Agenda magazine about the terminology and meaning of edge technology. If you ask different people, you’ll receive different answers about edge technology. The goal of the article is to provide readers with a basic understanding of the different use cases and deployment options that fall under the edge umbrella.  In the article, I defined the three most frequently discussed edge computing types:

Device edge: An end-user device that generates, processes, and transmits data.

Network edge: A point in network infrastructure where compute can be performed.

Cloud edge: A server that provides distributed compute via a centralized offering

For a full deep-dive, please take a moment to read the entire discussion in the IoT Agenda article titled:

Demystifying the unspoken plurality of edge

To further illustrate the concept, and the multiplicity of edges, we’ve also created an infographic that highlights some of the most common meanings of “edge.”

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