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Introducing Extreme Smart OmniEdge: The Unrivaled, Customer-Driven Network Edge Solution

Mike Leibovitz Senior Director, Product Management Published 13 Jul 2018

At the network edge today, wireless architectures vary from centralized to distributed, while disparate wired/wireless hardware and software each operate with unique functionality and user experience. Edge network connectivity requirements go beyond Ethernet and Wi-Fi for users to include Bluetooth and IoT technologies for guest engagement and devices. Locations where users connect have extended beyond the carpeted campus into retail, manufacturing, healthcare, large event stadiums and locations around the globe. To compound this complexity, the edge has become a new attack surface for security breaches from millions of newly-connected IoT sensors and devices ranging from blood pressure monitors to motion sensors and door locks. 

To eliminate the everywhere/everything challenges of the network edge, Extreme is launching Smart OmniEdge, an unrivaled network edge solution that provides enterprises a superior customer-driven experience while providing the intelligence, security and adaptability needed to achieve digital transformation goals faster. Catering to the diverse omni edge demands of the digital era, Extreme Smart OmniEdge provides the flexibility and agility to address and adapt to these demands today and well into the future.

How Does Extreme Smart OmniEdge Take Your Network to the Next Level?

With Smart OmniEdge, enterprises can acquire and provision edge services quickly and easily, seamlessly deploying regardless of the consumption model (hardware, software or as-a-service). Users will enjoy a consistent experience over a unified infrastructure that supports campus and distributed wireless architectures without sacrificing convenient features.

Ultimately, Extreme Smart OmniEdge simplifies complexity to accelerate business transformation, comprising a secure, unified wired/wireless infrastructure, augmented with AI/ML powered applications and managed through a single pane of glass. Purpose built with a single operating model that scales to address the growth of IoT, Smart OmniEdge delivers a consistent customer-driven experience across campus and distributed environments, cloud and on-premise deployments.

What Technologies Does Smart OmniEdge Include?

Along with Extreme’s new Smart OmniEdge solution, we are introducing a number of leading-edge technologies, designed specifically to enhance the edge network experience. 

  • ExtremeAI: A powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning solution, ExtremeAI augments the edge experience and provides customers technological advances in WiFi RF management that save time, effort and money while improving the end user experience.
  • ExtremeCloud Appliance: Designed for customers who love the simplicity of cloud, ExtremeCloud Appliance allows customers to take advantage of their own on-premise version of Extreme Smart OmniEdge. ExtremeCloud Appliance delivers cloud-like simplicity, management and tightly integrated services, complemented with simplified licensing. ExtremeCloud and the new ExtremeCloud Appliance are like one application, delivering a uniform user experience regardless of how it’s acquired and consumed. ExtremeCloud Appliance is also available as a VM for customers with their own private cloud services. The Extreme Smart OmniEdge approach provides customers maximum flexibility to deploy ExtremeCloud and ExtremeCloud Appliance in the cloud of their choice.
  • Extreme Defender for IoT:  A comprehensive solution that simplifies onboarding and securing of wired IoT devices. Extreme Defender for IoT provides centralized visibility and management, and connects via a secured transport with the ExtremeCloud Appliance, to ensure secure access of IoT devices onto the network, analyze traffic flows and pinpoint anomalies. The solution works with Extreme FabricConnect™ or over third-party networks to protect IoT devices, and is ideal for healthcare environments
  • Extreme Extended Edge Switching: The Extreme Extended Edge Switching portfolio is smarter. Extended Edge Switching is an innovative technology that collapses multiple network layers into a single logical switch, enhancing the intelligence of the edge switches while flattening the network and eliminating deployment complexity. The result is a simplified operational model that reduces costs.

How Does Extreme Smart OmniEdge Resolve Network Challenges?

As enterprises embrace digital transformation, IT infrastructure needs to evolve to keep up. Nowhere is this more important than at the network edge—the point where an organization and its customers meet. It’s where users engage, as well as where mobile transactions, management and connection of IoT devices occur. The edge is the first line of defense against cyberattacks, and the go-to place to get a pulse on your business. Finally, the edge is where multiple connectivity technologies come together across diverse locations and different deployment scenarios. Today’s enterprises require an Omni edge solution which has the flexibility to address their requirements today and well into the future, with the agility and adaptability to meet demanding business needs.

Learning More About How Extreme Smart OmniEdge Can Work For You

Did you miss our webinar, Transforming the Edge Experience? Watch it on-demand today to learn more information about how you can transform the edge experience for your customers to gain competitive advantage.

If you’d like additional details on how Extreme Smart OmniEdge can work for you, we’ve got plenty of info for you! Learn more by visiting these resources:

Would you like to speak with one of our Smart OmniEdge experts directly to discover how Smart OmniEdge can put your business and its network ahead of the game? We can help. Connect with an Extreme Networks Smart OmniEdge expert now, or call us at 1.888.257.3000.

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