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Getting Enterprise Security into Midseason Form

Kendra Luciano Managing Editor, Content Marketing Published 8 Apr 2021

Enterprise security is like learning how to hit a curveball. The best defense is due diligence and, if you do the fundamentals well, secure network operations are sure to come. In the spirit of Spring Training, we’re going to round the bases of enterprise network security with a few ways to ensure your organization is always in midseason form.

  • Perform a Security Risk Assessment – We know the hybrid workforce is here to stay, demanding equal attention for those returning to the office, others calling home their headquarters, as well as team members taking advantage of a combination of the two. Audit devices inventory and access policy, and re-evaluate security stature and architecture as IT pokes and prods protocols and processes.

As vulnerabilities and attack vectors are diagnosed, there’s a “new” threat to in-office activity –COVID-19 or other future contagious viruses, including the common flu – which require sensors, tracking, contact tracing, and the capability to digest, analyze and make this data actionable. This data also demands protection. Your WIPS is central to these efforts, and so is your planning.

  • Breach Prep – As the saying goes, “it’s better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.” Ensure proper backups are in place and because your enterprise likely requires compliance with HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, or other regulations, this data demands encryption. Proper preparation begins with a “Trust No One” mindset.
  • Training – How are you training your workforce on possible security threats? Humans are fallible. Recent research from the University of Maryland notes hackers attack every 39 seconds, and poor passwords are offering easy access. As we know, successful breaches can take months to discover and root out. Yet, phishing and brute force attacks continue to out crooked numbers on the scoreboard due to a lack of training.
  • Zero Trust – There is no mountain high enough or river wide enough to keep hackers from trying to get to your data. The modern perimeter is identity. Zero Trust leverages advanced multifactor authentication to ensure only necessary parties gain access to necessary resources. While network segmentation and taking a layered approach to network security is pivotal, Zero Trust is your lockdown closer.
  • Cloud-based or bust? – Cloud security and architecture delivers centralized configuration orchestration as well as network monitoring, reporting, alarms, and statistics to address the demands of today’s edge. Gain the flexibility necessary to support the hybrid workforce, and continue to move forward with the right partner. For the modern enterprise, the cloud is the gateway to a more efficient, secure and reliable network.

The enterprise is eager to return to business as usual, but before the “Play Ball,” call can be echoed, it’s integral to work the kinks out, because every breach is like giving up a walkoff home run in Game 7 of the World Series.  What does your security lineup look like?

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