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Extreme Networks Survey Reveals Top Uses for IoT: Smart Buildings, Video Surveillance and Security

Extreme Networks Survey Reveals Top Uses for IoT – Smart Buildings, Video Surveillance and SecurityIt’s estimated by Gartner analysts that the number of Internet-connected devices will reach or even exceed 20 billion by the year 2020. This rapid growth of IoT is a result of emerging smart technologies, electronic devices and sensing devices permeating multiple industries, including education, healthcare, government, hospitality and even manufacturing.

Based on our recent survey of over 300 CIOs, VPs of technology and Architectural Engineers across a range of industries, 44 percent of respondents are currently using or planning to use IoT devices and technology as part of their business plan. These IoT strategies could include anything from BYOD, to interactive white boards, to patient portals. To ensure the success of such tech roll-outs, organizations must shift their focus to support the various technologies joining the network.

Of the respondents who already implemented smart devices, over half are using this technology for smart/automated building implementations. Other top uses include: video surveillance, data collection for better business decisions, customer ease-of-use and physical building security. Of the respondents who are using IoT for smart/automated building implementations, 64 percent found video surveillance to be the most important technology in their smart building, followed by energy management and building security.

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Top 5 Uses for Smart Devices and IoT:

  • 50% – Smart/Automated Building Implementation
  • 48% – Video Surveillance
  • 45% – Data Collection for Better Business Decisions
  • 40% – Ease-of-Use for Customers and Employees
  • 40% – Physical Building Security

While a majority of industries are staying ahead of the IoT curve with the adoption of smart devices, there are still concerns. Over half of respondents are apprehensive of IoT device security and cite data privacy and hijacking as top risks. Respondents also expressed challenges around management, control and visibility of IoT devices. Given the sensitive data associated with patient information, student privacy or manufacturing operations, this is a concern that reaches across all industries.

Despite risks, respondents still expressed a clear cost benefit that’s driving adoption of IoT. Over half revealed increased revenue and cost savings as important factors driving their decision to implement smart buildings. For this reason, it’s crucial that vendors are able to ensure IoT security to support their customers moving towards IoT strategies.

How do we do it? The key to getting ahead of any risks or challenges is to be proactive in network planning. An adequate infrastructure and reliable, secure Wi-Fi connection are essential to the success of implementing smart technology. Extreme strives to provide customers with a complete solution that addresses all of their needs and concerns. With ExtremeWireless, we offer a safe, reliable network and with ExtremeAnalytics, we’re able to provide visibility into application usage across the entire network to protect against suspicious or malicious use of the network and its valuable resources.

How Extreme Is Adapting to the Emerging IoT

Extreme has deployed its end-to-end solution across markets; the implementation of Extreme’s Wi-Fi network and indoor and outdoor access points has become increasingly important in large stadiums, K-12 classrooms, higher education campus and hospitals. Responses from this IoT survey further reinforce our strategy to introduce the first-of-its-kind wireless AP camera, which not only supports our commitment to reliable wireless, but also addresses the safety and security concerns expressed by customers who are investing in smart/automated building technology.

As of today, Extreme launched the industry’s first integrated camera access point as part of the ExtremeWireless portfolio, to provide customers with better mobility, significant cost savings and increased security. With the foundation of Extreme’s unified solution, customers have complete visibility and control of all devices added to their network as well as expanded capabilities to handle smart building technology. Additionally, Extreme’s new access points will fit perfectly into the various enterprise environments we’ve powered for years – and we look forward to supporting their next step in advancing wireless technology in the age of IoT.

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This blog was originally authored by Mike Leibovitz, Senior Director, Product Management.

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