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Expert Insights: How Sports Teams are Approaching the ‘New Normal’

Ryan Hall Manager, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 10 Aug 2020

Like many industries, sports and public venues must overcome a new set of challenges brought on by COVID-19. 

These challenges will only be heightened and will introduce greater complexities as sports teams look to welcome fans back into their venues, surrounding:

  • Fan Health and Safety
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Mobile and Digital Engagement
  • IT Infrastructure/Technology Readiness

In this panel session, hosted by sports media outlet Front Office Sports, industry experts share how they’re thinking about and approaching the industry’s ‘new normal.’  Panelists include:  

  • Roy Sommerhof, Senior VP of Stadium Operations at the Baltimore Ravens
  • Andrew McIntyre, Senior VP of Technology & Innovation at Vinik Sports Group
  • John Brams, Director of Sports and Entertainment at Extreme Networks

Hear all the expert insights from the panel discussion now, watch the video below!

How is your business and venue approaching the new normal? Extreme’s IT-networking solutions can help.  Check out the resources below for more information:

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