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Enhance the Customer Experience – Innovation in Data Center Simplicity with Extreme Fabric Automation

Joerg Bonarius Senior Manager, Product Marketing Published 29 Mar 2021

It’s time to rethink automation in the enterprise and the data center. Data center networks cannot keep up with digital transformation without automation. The design of the new data center is based on fabric technology and must-have automation integrated and not a standalone afterthought as it has been in the past. In the data center where multiple domains must interoperate, flexibility and speed are paramount – time and budget are critical success factors, no need to spend hours and invest additional cost into consultants just to make the network work. This needs to be all about a quick, cost-effective DIY solution.

Ultimately, the goal for automation is to provide reliability of service delivery for the agile business to enable digital transformation. It’s important to understand that automation is a journey. Extreme Networks provides solutions and capabilities along the way in order to take out the network complexities while providing peace of mind that the network is provisioned as intended.

The recent Extreme Networks announcement ‘Innovation In Data Center Simplicity’ refers to 3 facets of simplicity:

1)     Simplified plug-and-play Data Center Fabrics with on-switch automation streamlines configurations and simplifies network operations with day-zero infrastructure provisioning and day-one tenant edge port service provisioning – all delivered at cloud-speed

2)     Flexible deployment options where Extreme Fabric Automation is hosted on the Guest VM of the new SLX 9150 leaf switch and SLX 9250 spine switch (not part of the NOS) or can be hosted on an external VM, providing on-premises and private cloud deployment options

3)     Ecosystem Integrations: Enabling orchestration software such as OpenStack, VMware vCenter, and Microsoft SCVMM – each integration is a separate microservice leveraging the application’s fabric awareness.

The SLX 9150 leaf switch (25G or 10G copper versions) and SLX 9250 spine switch (100G QSFP28) – both are based on the Broadcom Trident 3 switch ASICs – are undergoing extensive testing and qualification to support the highest level of security certifications. Both are TAA compliant and will support FIPS 140-2, Common Criteria (CC), USGv6, and DiDIN APL.

With a short registration, you can listen at any time to our 30min on-demand webcast. With a short introduction from my end on our Cloud Driven End-to-End enterprise networking vision, Dan DeBacker is talking in details about our unique approach to automation in Fabric Networks.

Brad Casemore, Research Vice President, Data Center Networks at IDC, summarizes: “Enterprises are demanding that their datacenter networks become more agile, architecturally and operationally, so that they align better with cloud operating models and the imperative of digital transformation. More than ever, the modern data center network must be fully responsive to the needs of workloads, which are increasingly distributed across multi-cloud environments. In this context, microservices have emerged as a key enabler of automated network agility and streamlined simplification, from the point of provisioning and throughout the network life cycle. With Extreme Fabric Automation, Extreme Networks is helping to bring simplicity to complex fabric management, making it possible for customers – on their own, without the assistance of external consultants – to get their data center networks up and running in minutes rather than days.”

Darren Elsom, Director, Trunk Networks, comments: “Our IT team is constantly tasked with ‘doing more with less.’ With the new Extreme Fabric Automation tool, we were able to set up the network in minutes without having to use additional, expensive server infrastructure. Extreme’s technology is plug-and-play, streamlines laborious networking management and provisioning down from hours to seconds, and offers new flexible deployment options.”

Please read the following case study with Trunk Networks and learn more details on how they use the Extreme Fabric Automation solution: Trunk Networks offers dedicated Broadband Services for Gamers, Powered by Extreme Networks.

With a short registration, you can listen at any time to our 30min on-demand webcast on the topic of Extreme Fabric Automation.

Please read our newly releaseExtreme Fabric Automation Solution Brief.

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