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Don’t Let Network Management be Stressful

Today, your network must work harder than ever to support applications and services. Those applications are becoming more complex, running in multiple locations, and can hog bandwidth if they’re not managed effectively.

Management of a complicated network is a new era of connectivity and workforce dynamics. From branch locations to home offices to mobile locations, people are connecting to your network from more locations than ever –anywhere they have the opportunity. That can make IT teams feel as though they’re managing infinite networks, as opposed to just one.

It adds up to more demand on network resources, less visibility into what’s happening on the network, and more potential security risk; all creating a sinking feeling for IT teams that they can’t keep up. In 1964, Bob Dylan wrote “The Times They Are A-Changin.” While he may not have been talking about network technology, his words ring true in the face of today’s network evolution. The fact is that IT teams can often feel like they are sinking like a stone in rising water with the complexity of their network management.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Times are changing, and SD-WAN is leading that transition regarding networking solutions. Businesses are turning to SD-WAN for better bandwidth utilization, enhanced traffic management and application performance, and creating a single, holistic virtual network that simplifies network management and improves visibility.

Our ExtremeCloud SD-WAN solution allows network teams to manage and optimize applications on the network, monitor application performance, and dynamically route traffic to maximize availability and minimize latency. These enhancements are critical for today’s business applications – including communications and collaboration apps.

The SD-WAN solution not only delivers increased connectivity and application performance, but reduces management complexity at the same time since ExtremeCloud SD-WAN can be managed through the same unified ExtremeCloud IQ platform with the rest of the network infrastructure. There’s no additional software to deploy or learn and now, ExtremeCloud IQ delivers a unified network management environment across all network solutions – wired, wireless, and SD-WAN.

In addition, ExtremeCloud SD-WAN brings a sizable amount of security features to protect your network and users. From a built-in firewall to advanced security features, SD-WAN has your safety in mind.

While the entire enterprise benefits from your SD-WAN deployment, IT teams can rest more easily knowing they have the connectivity and tools at their disposal to manage all their networks and proactively troubleshoot potential issues with an AI-powered network management solution.

Indeed, your network today is more complex and has to work harder to deliver more applications to more users in more locations. But, that doesn’t mean your IT team has to work harder.  ExtremeCloud SD-WAN delivers the unified network solution you need, while relieving the stress your IT team feels, having to deliver on these new expectations.

Yes, the times, they are a-changin’, but change doesn’t have to be complicated.  Embrace it and move to a cloud-managed SD-WAN solution to bring your business connectivity and application performance into the next generation.

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