Connecting North America’s Leading RTA Furniture Manufacturer

Kendra Luciano Managing Editor, Content Marketing Published 28 Sep 2018

“If I were to describe Extreme, it really goes back to their motto of customer-driven networking. Their support definitely comes to mind because they enable businesses like us to really have a good network that we pass along to our employees.” – Darin Seiler, Network Engineer, Sauder Woodworking Company

Sauder Woodworking Company is a global furniture manufacturer and the leading producer of ready-to-assemble furniture in North America. They have 17 plants and 2,200 employees in Ohio alone, and with additional locations in California, North Carolina, and China, Sauder (which they point out is pronounced “Sow-der”, like “chow-der”) is at the forefront of furniture manufacturing. They’ve invested in some of the most technologically-advanced equipment in the world and with the help of Extreme Networks all of their plants remain connected thanks to their wired and wireless network.

When the network at one of Sauder’s factories approached end-of-life, they looked to Extreme for a complete refresh of the wired and wireless infrastructure. Within six months of the deployment, Sauder saw a return on investment – they experienced faster connection speeds and much better support for their entire wireless environment.


Extreme Networks keeps Sauder and their 2,000 employees at the top of the furniture game with their reliable, efficient wired and wireless network!

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