Best Practices for Service Delivery: Interview with a Service Delivery Expert

Deidra Peterson Specialist, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 19 Dec 2018

What are the building blocks of truly exceptional service delivery? Sit down with Kevin Gray, VP of Service Delivery at Extreme to learn the ins and outs of our service delivery organization, how we keep customers at the forefront, and why teamwork is such an important guiding principle.

The Extreme Networks service delivery organization includes five tight-knit teams, including GTAC, Premier Services, product quality, critical account program, and service operations. After completing three recent acquisitions, we’ve doubled our team, and our focus remains working with customers to bring the enhanced level of service and engagement that they deserve on an ongoing basis. Part of this process involved ensuring that all Extreme team members are on one system, process, and toolset, and today, we’re proud to share that we’re operating one cohesive team.

So, how does Extreme ensure our commitment to customer-driven networking is spread throughout the entire organization? We always remember that teamwork is paramount to what we do; without it, we’re nothing. Check out this video with our very own Kevin Gray, VP of Service Delivery and Erika Bagby, Global Engineering Consultant. They chat about the ins and outs of our services team, as well as the culture that drives it.


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