Best Practices for Network Support: Interview with a Support Services and Operations Expert

Deidra Peterson Specialist, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 2 Jan 2019

Have you ever looked to a service provider for support, only to be transferred from one representative to the next, left with no choice but to repeat your problem and hang up feeling like just another ticket who was rushed off the phone? Here at Extreme Networks, we take a unique approach to customer support through our Global Technical Assistance Center. In our GTAC organization, we put our customers first; not metrics. Case management is about efficiently resolving problems with the person who answers your phone call. It’s no accident that 40% of our tickets are resolved on the day they’re opened, and customer satisfaction comes in at 93%.

Then there’s the matter of having access to adequate tools to tap into the network of your peers and explore troubleshooting options independently. What sorts of self-solve tools are available to you? Here at Extreme, we offer our online community, The Hub, as well as our state-of-the-art Knowledge Base, nurtured and updated on a daily basis. In this video, Brian Townsend, Director of Global Technology Services & Operations and Erika Bagby, Global Consulting Engineer at Extreme Networks, discuss what makes the Extreme approach to support truly unique, as well as some additional content on our best practices within our account teams.



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