Best Practices for Network Services: Interview with a Service Sales Expert

Deidra Peterson Specialist, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 13 Nov 2018

At Extreme Networks, we’re all about the customer. Our tagline is “Customer-Driven Networking” for a reason. As such, we wanted to dive deeper into our services offerings and hear from the expert why they are so important to the customer.  So we sat down with our Vice President of Worldwide Service Sales, Rob Rosa, to talk about how network services should be delivered, plus a few important considerations for customers to think about, including why limited lifetime warranties aren’t always the best choice.

Today, in the midst of the digital era, it’s never been more important to take full advantage of your network capabilities. Business success hinges upon your network, where it’s possible to innovate, improve the speed of go to market, and gain a comprehensive pulse on your business. There’s no better way to maximize the effectiveness of your network than to engage network services.

Then there’s ensuring the support of your network on an ongoing basis. Should you go with a limited lifetime warranty, or is there a better way that will allow you to ensure a superior customer experience for your end users continually? This video, featuring Rob Rosa, Vice President of Worldwide Service Sales and Erika Bagby, Global Engineering Consultant at Extreme Networks, talks through how Extreme Networks takes a unique approach to service delivery, plus some bonus content on why limited lifetime warranties aren’t always the best choice.


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Stay tuned for our next Best Practices for Network Services post where we’ll interview Kevin Gray, Vice President of Services at Extreme. 

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