Erika Bagby

Strategist, Sales Enablement

Erika is a Sales Enablement content creator at Extreme Networks. With a strong background in engineering customer networks and deployments as a Sales Engineer; she has applied her knowledge to map the technology to business needs across several top vendors for mission-critical networks. During her time at Cisco, she worked in large scale networks in retail and manufacturing such as Neiman Marcus, Trinity Industries, and Dave & Busters.

At Extreme, Erika is responsible for messaging that clearly allows Extreme’s sales organization and customers to understand why our technology exists, how to apply it to specific vertical use cases and what is needed to enable said outcome. Erika graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas and achieved her Cisco certifications concurrently, that propelled her career as a pre-sales engineer for Hewlett-Packard, and Cisco. Outside of work, Erika enjoys many hobbies such as yoga, dance, and traveling. Exploration and creative outlets drive her passion for life.