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10 IT Benefits the Cloud Achieves for Retail

Ryan Hall Manager, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 2 Dec 2019

As a cornerstone of the organization, retail’s IT staff are tasked with the increasingly complex challenge of supporting the operational requirements of the business and meeting the digital demands of an increasingly connected customer base.    

With cloud-based IT technologies retailers have a flexible and scalable network solution that meets their specific needs in today’s dynamic landscape, accelerating digital transformation and creating opportunities for innovation. 

Cloud-based IT solutions empower Retail with a platform that:    

  1.       Fits the Needs of Your Business

Your cloud, your way: public cloud, private cloud, and locally-managed cloud deployment options.

  1.       Improves Operational Efficiency

Greatly simplified network operations and reduced cost of deploying/maintaining in-house network with centralized cloud management across wired & wireless, LAN, WAN.

  1.       Ensures Uptime and Automation with AI & ML

Proactively troubleshoot issues before they become user apparent – reduce IT service calls & tickets. AI and machine learning allows networks to continually learn, adapt and self-correct without manual intervention

  1.       Enables Unlimited Scale & Seamless Growth

Cloud elasticity provides the ability to scale up and down seamlessly, in line with changes in demand.

Learn about the state of retail today – the key trends driving change across industry – as well as all 10 of the IT benefits the cloud achieves for retail organizations by checking out the infographic below. 


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