Cloud-Driven Networking

Powered by Machine Learning and AI

Data Security in the Cloud

Extreme Networks takes comprehensive measures to secure any data in the cloud, including:

  • Securing the data in our Global Data Center (GDC) and Regional Data Centers (RDC), including with threat-prevention measures, firewalling and penetration testing.
  • Strictly limiting access to our cloud infrastructure to a small number of designated Extreme Networks DevOps engineers.
  • Protecting data storage in the Extreme Networks cloud through encryption.

Additional information about Extreme Networks’ cloud security is located here.

Data Privacy and GDPR Compliance in ExtremeCloud IQ

ExtremeCloud IQ enables our customers to address data privacy and GDPR-related obligations for the “rights to request and be forgotten”, by enabling administrators to search, download, and delete personal data within their network management platform.

In addition, ExtremeCloud IQ provides logging and audit tools to track these actions so our customers can better document them.

Where in the Cloud is my Data?

Extreme Networks’ public cloud supports data residency requirements, so that customers are assigned to a geographically local data center. Customer network data never leaves its assigned data center.

GDPR with Extreme Networks: A Shared Responsibility

Under GDPR, Extreme Networks and the customers using Extreme Networks’ products and services have shared roles and responsibilities regarding GDPR compliance.

As the data processor, Extreme Networks assists our customers (the data controllers) in addressing their GDPR responsibilities, by providing functionality in our products and implementing appropriately secure handling and control of personal data in our cloud.

 Additional information about how Extreme Networks supports our customers in their GDPR compliance initiatives is available on the data privacy and protection section of our website, providing details about the personal data we collect, how we use it and our associated responsibilities.