ECE – Campus Fabric Advanced

Course objective

Upon completion of this course, students will have gained the working knowledge to:

  •  Integrate other protocols and services with Fabric Connect
  •  Implement a DvR network with Fabric Connect
  •  Understand how to expand the campus configuration by implementing Fabric Extend and Multi-Area SPBM

Delivery method

Available as Classroom Instructor-led training and Virtual Instructor-led training.

Course duration

2 Days

Course Overview

This course provides an in-depth review of Extreme Networks’ Fabric Connect advanced features for integrating SPBM with other protocols and solution requirements. You will learn how expand the campus configuration by implementing Fabric Extend and Multi-Area SPBM. Also, how to redistribute routes from outside protocols into IS-IS and setting up a PIM gateway. You’ll also learn about how DvR provides Default Gateway Redundancy and optimizes traffic flows. Other topic include RADIUS, EAC integration, Fabric Attach and QoS. Lectures are supported with handson configuration of VSPs, Universal Hardware 5520, ERS, and EXOS.


A solid networking background. Working proficiency and experience with network security and an understanding basic concepts behind Active Directory and Digital Certificates.


IP Route Redistribution

  • L3VSN VRF redistribute to VRF
  • ISIS/OSPF Gateway
  • PIM Gateway

Fabric Attach

  •  Element Types and operation
  • Redundancy options
  • Configuration scenarios

Fabric Extend

  • XA1400
  • IPSec

IS-IS Areas

  • Architecture
  • Boundary Node Configuration


  • DVR Operation and topology
  • DVR Configuration

Quality of Service

  • QoS Models
  • Police and Shape traffic
  • ACL traffic management


  • Integration with VOSS
  • Auto-Sense port settings
  • Device Management Accounts

Extreme Control Integration

  • Auto-Sense Port considerations
  • Fabric Attach considerations